Get fully edited and approved videos from $2,500

iMARK Communications utilizes a proprietary platform to record and edit testimonial videos. We can remotely record the video and the person being recorded only needs their phone or computer webcam.


This makes the process efficient and extremely cost effective. 

Use cases for every need and purpose

Patented technology to direct and capture professional video remotely through a user's phone or webcam.

Control The Subject's Camera

Start/Stop - Focus - Exposure - ISO - Teleprompter

View Everything In Real-Time

The Subject - Volume - Connection Speed - Connectivity

The director controls the recording in real-time. Capture 720, 1080, & 4K resolution. Video is locally captured and auto-uploaded for optimum security and does not reside on subject's device.

Invite other team members to observe and comment. Multi-cam shoot with different angles. Dual feed interviews to capture both sides with multiple devices for a single director. 

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