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Maximize Your Lead Generation

Unlock the full potential of your prospects and valued clients: Supercharge your approach to nurturing potential and existing clients with exclusive content for unparalleled impact!

Are you a wealth management firm seeking to elevate your client base, increase lead generation, and forge stronger connections with your existing clients?


Look no further!


The Financial Lifestyle Webinar Series by iMARK Communications is your key to unlocking new opportunities in the wealth management world.

We have been producing lead generation webinars for wealth management firms for over 10 years. The one thing they ALL have in common - lack of quality lead generation content for high-valued clients and nurturing your existing client base.

The expense of retirement or tax savings dinner programs is outrageous and webinars need to be more engaging. Your content is identical to the other 10+ programs your target audience gets invited to attend.

The Financial Lifestyle Webinar Series 

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Set Yourself Apart!

iMARK has developed webinar content modules specifically for wealth management firms to drive more, high-value new leads and solidify your relationship with current clients.

This Financial Lifestyle Webinar Series addresses some of the most important, engaging, and financially impactful considerations for your clients. From home remodeling, to buying a new car, and how to leverage your credit card and loyalty points for first-class trips.

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This is financially impacting content that your current and prospective high-value clients are interested in. Our programs feature nationally known speakers including:

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Skip Bedell

Skip Bedell, home contractor and TV personality presents How to Choose a Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project and Avoid Problems and Scams and will provide you the information needed to find a reliable contractor and avoid costly mistakes.


Jerry Reynolds

Jerry Reynolds, The CarPro Show, nationally syndicated radio talk show host will unravel the mysteries for What is The Best Car For Me, The Best Way To Buy One, and How Can I Find A Dealer I Can Trust.

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Stephen Au

Stephen Au, who's travel and credit card loyalty program website, AU Points and Awards Consulting Services, gets millions of visitors a month. Stephen will provide the insider secrets for How To Leverage Credit Cards For Free High-End Travel, From Strategy to Implementation.


You get 3 webinars with unique content and nationally respected presenters 

Content that will draw in new high-value clients

Engage and nurture your current clients

All for a fraction of your current lead generation initiatives



Call us now at 908-866-6141 to speak with iMARK now and see how you can benefit from this exicting program.

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Join us for a free webinar as we show you how our Financial Lifestyle Webinar Series can set you apart and attract more high-value clients.

Register today to see how our Financial Lifestyle Webinar Series can be a valuable and cost-efficient marketing tool that you should be incorporating into your client acquisition plan now!

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