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Digital Engagement That Connects and Delivers

At iMARK, we are passionate about creating a connection with your current and potential customers. Digital marketing should inform, connect and initiate opportunities that make your customers want to engage with you.

But it doesn't happen by accident.

iMARK Communications will work closely with you to ensure we create the optimum digital marketing experience that drives action and results.


Our Services


Full scale live and on-demand production and content services

lead geN, PROMOTION & crm

Participant recruitment, event promotion and communications


Module development and LMS platform management


Comprehensive set-up and analysis of your data performance to make insightful, tactical recommendations

Webinars, Web Conferences, Webcasts and Videos can add more customers, patients, and clients into your sales funnel

  1. Webinars are a fully immersive marketing medium.  Done right, webinars keep your audience engaged with various interactive experiences including audio, video and one-to-one interaction (Q&A).

  2. Webinars are live experiences.  Unlike whitepapers, posts or other "view at leisure" interactions, webinars happen in real time. Your audience will feel included and engaged which makes them more likely to take a desired marketing action.

  3. Webinars create immediate action. By registering and setting time aside, your potential customer has already indicated their interest. Your qualified customer funnel just narrowed.

  4. Webinars are cost effective.  Because you may not have the budget for numerous live events in locations your prospective customers are located, webinars strike the perfect balance of a personalized customer experience vs available budget.

  5. Webinar promotion gets people into your database which can drive further segmented and targeted communications.  

  6. Recorded webinars can be made available giving you more content to promote through your media channels.


Just because you have Microsoft Word doesn't make you a great author.

Just because you have PowerPoint doesn't make you a great presenter.

So just because you have a CRM program like HubSpot, Active Campaign, Drip, Agile CRM, Constant Contact, etc., doesn't make you a great marketer.  In fact, if CRM programs are not done well they can severely hurt your business.

Talk with iMARK to see how we can optimize your marketing with a quality CRM program. iMARK is well versed in all the primary CRM platforms, so we are sure we can help you and drive your business to the next level.



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